Dueling Ivories

Music you can move to. This travelling all request piano show promises to get you up on your feet, dancing and singing. Enjoy today's top forty tunes, classic rock, R&B and country music. The Dueling Ivories will be performing after  the Dinner Gala on Saturday November 14th from 9 pm - 11 pm

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The Dueling Ivories Piano Show 

 Saturday 9 PM - 11 PM 

ABOUT Erik Williams:

Erik, a singer from an early age and a pianist since the late 90’s, started performing as a dueling pianist in Sept of 2006 as one of the first players contracted to Edmonton’s premier dueling piano bar, The Ivory Club and Ebony Lounge.  Erik honed his skills playing every Friday and Saturday on the Ivory Club stage for the next five years (during which time the Ivory Club became Overtime Bar and Taproom).  Flowing seamlessly from The Beatles to Iron Maiden, from Johnny Cash to Macklemore, Erik is a musical Jack-of-All-Trades determined to make any event memorable.

ABOUT Lesley Pelletier:

Lesley has been a performer since her mother caught her singing Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It” in the back seat of the car at age two. She has a passion for bringing music to her audience and inviting them into an evening of inhibition-free musical enjoyment. Lesley started dueling pianos in 2009 and has since worked every Friday and Saturday night across from Erik for over 3 years until the dynamic duo decided to form the Dueling Ivories Piano Show and take their talent on the road.

Dancing To The Tunes Of The Dueling Ivories

Dancing To The Dueling Ivories